Creating effective English tests (良質な英語テストの作り方)

The speaker will introduce key concepts related to language testing, particularly as they relate to tests of English proficiency.


2022年8月2日(火) 16:00-16:30


Language assessment literacy (LAL)–the ability to understand, assess, and construct language tests and analyze test data–plays an increasingly important role in language education and constitutes an integral part of language teachers’ professional competence (Weng & Shen, 2022). This presentation aims to reinforce audience members’ LAL by providing a brief overview of important concepts related to language testing, including practical tips for constructing effective test items. The talk will be given in English.


  • Michael Todd Fouts 様(公益財団法人日本英語検定協会 総務部PRアンバサダー)


Please join me for a practical, hands-on session. Even if you are already familiar with the subject, I hope the information I share will provide a useful refresher on this important topic.